Voice & Speech Coaching

Confident Communication

Voice and speech are identifiable as belonging to a particular person and convey a vast amount of information about the speaker. Listeners draw inferences from voice/speech related to: age, intelligence, education, occupation, regional and socioeconomic background.

It may be that your speech is fine in certain environments, but you have difficulty sustaining the same level of confidence in other situations.

Therapy Model

You will acquire simple and effective tools to enhance your speech/vocal skills – tailor made to suit your particular needs. This will increase your confidence in all environments, allowing you to progress and engage with others.

Skills covered:

  • Voice coaching.
  • Improved clarity and articulation.
  • Accents: reduce your own accent, change or improve your accent.
  • Presentation skills.
  • Skills to succeed in interviews.
  • Rectifying speech impediments (pronunciation of specific sounds e.g. /s/, /r/, /w/ /l/ and so on).
  • Skills for assertiveness, confidence-building and self-esteem.
  • Skills for: building assertiveness, improving confidence, enhancing self-esteem, improved socials skills.

After treatment your voice/speech/interaction skills will have reached a level significantly higher than that of the average person. A positive impact will be achieved in the following settings: work, social settings, meetings, school/further education, making and receiving phone calls, shopping, talking in public, interviews, giving presentations, gaining promotions, forming friendships and meeting new people, expressing feelings, standing up for yourself and so on.

Voice & Speech Coaching
Sue's Specialist Expertise

In her NHS role, Mrs Addlestone is head of the voice service and has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating speech problems. She works as lead therapist with ENT Consultants in designated voice clinics within a hospital setting and also has training in counselling, coginitive behvaioural therapy and family therapy. Mrs Addlestone has worked as a lecturer and examiner on the speech therapy graduate course at MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) and also delivers training in counselling and assertiveness for allied health professionals.

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