Singing Coaching

Singing Problems May Include:
  • Physical pain on singing.
  • Inconsistent rendition of songs/notes.
  • Feedback/comments about changes in your singing voice.
  • Feeling the need to constantly clear your throat.
  • Reduced ability to project your voice when singing.

Your Voice May:

  • Be ‘husky’ and less responsive when you start to sing or when you sing within a certain pitch range.
  • Have become noticeably hoarse and breathy over time when singing.
  • Sound deeper/breathy/ weak (particularly over upper pitch range).
  • Have lost its clarity.
  • Be slower to warm-up.
  • Feel tired after singing for a while.
  • ‘Cut out’ around certain notes causing the voice to break. This may be most obvious when the voice is used quietly.
Therapy Model

Simple and effective techniques to:

  • Acquire skills and achieve control so your resulting voice is more highly-developed than that of the average singer.
  • Regain full control over a compromised/damaged voice.
  • Prevent further strain/damage from occurring in the future.
Singing Goals

You will learn how to:

  • Release laryngeal constriction.
  • Minimise breathiness.
  • Improve vocal stamina.
  • Enhance your pitch range.
  • Regain your full range without strain.
  • In addition, your voice hygiene will be improved and the risk of physical damage to your vocal cords will be significantly reduced.
Singing Coaching
  • Sirening.
  • Twang.
  • Anchoring.
  • Tongue control and improving pharyngeal width.
  • Tone onset.
  • Reduction in false cord constriction- retraction.
  • Laryngeal tilt.
  • Belt and safe projection.
  • Extended pitch range.
  • alteration in vocal fold mass.
  • reduction in glottal attack.
  • lengthening of vocal tract.

ENT Consultant specialising in singing and voice:

Sue's Specialist Expertise

In her NHS role, Mrs Addlestone is head of the voice service and has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating singers. She works as lead therapist with ENT Consultants in designated voice clinics within a hospital setting and has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating problems with singing. She also has training in in counselling and coginitive behvaioural therapy. Mrs Addlestone has worked as a lecturer and examiner on the speech therapy graduate course at MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University).

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