Transgendered Voice

A Voice To Match Your Image

Whatever stage you have reached in your transition or cross-dressing, a common source of frustration, which can impact on how successfully you pass, is your voice. It may even be your biggest handicap. You may have searched online to learn techniques to achieve a passable feminine voice, but so far made limited progress. Through this service, you will learn simple and effective techniques to achieve the best voice which matches the rest of your feminine image.


After therapy, your ability to express yourself as the woman that you are - not just through your appearance, but through your words as well - will have developed to a level significantly higher than that of other transgendered speakers. A positive impact can be achieved in these settings: work, college/university, forming friendships, social settings, introductions to new people, finding a partner, making and receiving phone calls, shopping, talking in public, interviews, gaining promotions and so on.

Transgendered Male to Female Voice
Sue's Specialist Expertise

In her NHS role, Sue is head of the voice service and has extensive experience in treatment of transgendered voice. She works as lead therapist with ENT Consultants in designated voice clinics within a hospital and also has training in counselling. Sue has worked as a lecturer and examiner on the speech therapy graduate course at MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University.

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