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Sue Addlestone

B.Sc. (Hons), MRCSLT, BAC (Cert.) HPC registered.
Sue Addlestone

What I Treat

Benjamin became withdrawn because his speech was so unclear. Since seeing Sue his speech and confidence have improved markedly. He really looked forward to the sessions - it was a fantastic experience. We also appreciated not being asked to keep attending further appointments which were not necessary. Amazing progress! Thank you!

Ben Speech Mark Speech Mark

Since beginning my sessions with Sue the transformation in my speech has been remarkable. Phone calls and ordering food used to cause a great deal of anxiety - now I don't give them a second thought. Considering the profound and positive impact she has had on my life, I am only too happy to recommend her services to others.

RD Speech Mark Speech Mark

You've altered the course of Nicola’s life - she is now happy, confident and bright and has caught up at school after a bad start due to her speech difficulties. We were fortunate to have such a lovely person as our speech therapist which made it all a very nurturing situation in which to learn.

Nicola Speech Mark Speech Mark

Seeing Sue is one of the best personal and professional decisions I ever made. I had problems with my speech for years and Sue quickly fixed this. I’ve noticed such a big difference and would recommend anyone to see Sue if they aren't completely happy with their speech. It's the best money I've spent all year!

Michael Speech Mark Speech Mark

Friends and family have all commented on the change in my voice. Sue was very warm and understanding. Approaching her was of the best things I have ever done - each session was a pleasure to attend. I owe her a great deal and can never thank her enough. Sue has been fantastic.

Roberta Speech Mark Speech Mark

When my singing voice went, my confidence was so low that I became a bit of a recluse. Thanks to Sue my voice is now back to normal. She is a truly amazing person and I can't say enough great things about her. Not only is she is a great speech therapist, she is also a kind, loving, talented human being.

Singer Speech Mark Speech Mark
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